Septic Systems, Lakeland, FL

We offer repair, installation, and maintenance services for septic systems in Lakeland.

Septic systems are commonly used on properties in rural areas or those that are located too far from the local sewage waste processing facility. Septic systems can be installed on both residential and commercial properties. A septic system contains several critical components that help it to serve as a self-contained waste storage and processing plant, housing and treating the liquid and solid waste that comes from your home or office building.

septic system replacement in Lakeland FLWhen you rinse something down the drain or flush a toilet in a building connected to a septic system, the waste and water move through the pipes to the septic tank, which is a large concrete box buried beneath the ground. Within the tank, the solid waste stays at the bottom while the liquid moves to the top and can go through the pipes on the other side, where they connect to the drain field. The drain field is a series of perforated pipes, typically buried in gravel. The liquid waste that has been treated in the tank goes into the drain field, where it can move through the gravel and pipes for an additional layer of filtration before it goes back into the soil.

In commercial settings, the system might also include a grease trap, which collects fats and oils, so they don’t clog up other components. Understanding your septic system can help you have a better idea of how things work and what certain warning signs might indicate. At Quality Septic Inc., we offer repair, installation, and maintenance services for septic systems in Lakeland, Florida. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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