Drain Field Installation

Every septic system has several complicated components within it. Some commercial systems have extra parts, like a grease trap, but the items that they all have in common include a tank and a drain field. The waste and water that come through the drains of the building move through pipes and into the tank, a cement box that’s buried below the ground.

Within the tank, solid waste remains at the bottom while clear liquid moves to the top. The tank also contains bacteria and chemicals that treat the waste as it comes through, and then the clear liquid moves out through the pipes on the opposite side.

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From here, the liquid goes into the drain field, which contains a set of perforated pipes, often surrounded by gravel. The gravel acts as an additional filter, allowing the water to exit the system and go back into the ground. Without proper treatment, your system could allow contaminated water or even waste to seep through these pipes, causing serious damage to the groundwater below. In order to prevent this problem, it’s important to maintain your drain field and ensure that the drain field installation is done properly.

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