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At Quality Septic Inc., we provide modern and efficient wastewater treatment solutions. Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) offer numerous benefits for both homeowners and business owners. These cutting-edge systems deliver superior performance and sustainability, making them an ideal choice for those seeking top-tier septic systems and environmentally friendly options.

What are ATUs?

ATUsATUs are considered advanced wastewater treatment systems. An ATU utilizes oxygen to decompose organic matter and boasts of being a step above in water treatment compared to a traditional septic system. Unlike conventional systems, which depend on bacteria that thrive without oxygen, ATUs use aerobic bacteria, which need oxygen and are more efficient at treating wastewater.

How Do ATUs Work?

ATUs operate through a multi-step process:

Pre-Treatment: Wastewater enters the ATU from the household or business, where large solids and debris are removed in a pre-treatment tank.

Aeration: The pre-treated wastewater then moves into an aeration chamber, where air is continuously pumped to maintain an oxygen-rich environment. This encourages aerobic bacteria to decompose the organic matter more efficiently.

Clarification: After the aeration chamber, the water flows into a clarification chamber. Here, any remaining solids settle at the bottom, and the clearer water moves on to the next stage.

Disinfection: In some systems, the clarified water undergoes disinfection, often using chlorine or ultraviolet light, to eliminate any remaining pathogens.
Discharge: Finally, the treated water, now much cleaner and safer, is discharged into the environment, typically through a drain field or other dispersal method.

Benefits of ATUs

Enhanced Treatment: ATUs provide a higher level of treatment compared to conventional septic systems, significantly reducing the levels of pathogens, nutrients, and organic matter in the treated water.

Environmental Protection: By producing cleaner waste, ATUs help protect local water sources, reducing the risk of contamination in groundwater and surface water.

Versatility: ATUs can be installed in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. They are particularly useful in areas with high water tables or poor soil conditions where conventional systems may not be effective.

Space Efficiency: ATUs generally require less land area than traditional septic systems, making them a great option for properties with limited space.

Longevity: With proper maintenance, ATUs can have a long lifespan, providing reliable wastewater treatment for many years.

Maintenance of ATUs: While ATUs are highly effective, they do require regular maintenance to function optimally:

Routine Inspections: Regular inspections by a qualified technician are crucial to ensure all components are functioning correctly.

Pump Maintenance: The aeration pumps and other mechanical parts need periodic checks and maintenance to prevent failures.

Sludge Removal: Over time, sludge accumulates in the system and needs to be pumped out to maintain efficiency.

Monitoring: Some ATUs come with monitoring systems that alert homeowners to potential issues, making maintenance easier and more proactive.

Choosing the Right ATU

When selecting an ATU, consider the following factors:

Capacity: Ensure the unit is appropriately sized for your household or business needs.

Certification: Look for systems that are certified by relevant authorities, indicating they meet specific performance standards.

Manufacturer Reputation: Choose a reputable manufacturer with a history of producing reliable and effective systems.

Professional Installation: Proper installation is crucial for the system’s effectiveness, so always hire experienced professionals for the job.

Aerobic Treatment Units represent a significant advancement in wastewater treatment technology, offering numerous benefits for homeowners and businesses alike. At Quality Septic Inc., we are dedicated to providing top-quality ATU installations and maintenance services to ensure your system operates efficiently and effectively.

If you’re considering an ATU for your property or need expert advice on wastewater treatment solutions, contact us today. Our team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way.