Septic Tank Inspections

If you’re one of the many new homeowners moving into the Tampa, FL, market, it’s important to understand all the facets of what you’re getting into when buying a home and property.

septic inspection in Lutz FLSurely your real estate agent has recommended a full home inspection, which is an important part of making sure the home is truly the one that will satisfy your needs and bring you many years of comfort and enjoyment.

If a proper septic system inspection isn’t part of the Realtor’s suggested inspection, your comfort and enjoyment in your new home may be cut short.

What Will a Real Estate Septic Inspection Tell You?

When Quality Septic Inc. performs a real estate septic inspection, we focus on several critical questions:

  • How has the previous owner treated the septic system?
  • Has the system been maintained correctly?
  • Is there damage to the septic tank?

We want to know the answers to these questions, and so should you when thinking of moving into a new home.

A Complete Septic System Inspection

The only way to know the exact condition of your septic system is with a complete inspection. This way, if there are issues that you need to bring to the seller of the home or his or her agent, you’ll have it all described in black and white.

Our inspection includes locating the septic tank, digging up the tank lid(s) and fully emptying the tank. Only then can we properly clean out the filter, wash the tank walls and inspect the entire tank.
During this process, we’re able to find cracks, holes, roots or collapsing areas inside the tank that would compromise the system as a whole. We’re also able to see whether your drain field is working as intended.

After we’ve finished our inspection report, we’ll reseal your septic tank and cover the holes back up, being careful to leave your yard level after we’re done.

As you can see, a thorough septic inspection involves a lot of elements in order to give you a clear picture of what to expect from your septic system.

septic tank pumping and inspection in Plant City FLWatch out for Shoddy Inspectors

It’s important that you be mindful of some of the underhanded practices in the septic industry such as doing a “pumpless” inspection. This is where someone attempts to inspect the condition of your septic tank without fully pumping it out first. When this type of inspection is performed, it’s really not an inspection, because the technician is unable to know the exact condition of the system.

There have been several times in the past where financial institutions in a real estate deal have required a septic inspection, and when the inspection has failed, the banks refused to loan the money, stopping the deal in its tracks. Should the septic inspection fail the existing system, don’t worry, you’ll be able to come to the negotiation table with your Realtor with confidence in our findings.

Get Professional Inspections for Your Septic System

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