Septic To Do List – Don’t Ignore It!

We’ve all heard about the “Honey Do List.” Many a man has gone to great effort in finding ways to circumvent these chores that his wife throws at him – and I’m one of them! A “Septic Do List” is one we may prefer to ignore, but you’re better off following it closely. Here’s why.

septic pumping in Land O’ Lakes FLA Septic To Do List

A Septic To Do List is a list of maintenance tasks for your septic system that you can take care of, whether you’re a newbie in septic system maintenance or a seasoned veteran who dreads the gurgling sounds that, from experience, you know will come from a full septic tank.

With standard maintenance as per your Septic To Do List, however, you can limit system downtimes and identify problems before they cost you thousands of dollars in repair work.

Clean Your Filter

First up on the list is cleaning your filter. Most tanks will have a filter on the outlet that will need to be removed and washed off to keep it from clogging and restricting the flow of liquids to your drain field. We recommend cleaning the filter every six months. Note that some older tanks do not have these filters and although it won’t hurt them, it does require you to be more diligent with the next step.

Proper Septic Tank Cleaning

This step on your list involves having your septic tank properly cleaned out. “Properly” means that solids, liquids and even the scum layer have to come out of the tank. A thorough cleaning resets your septic system and prevents a buildup of different unsavory groupings such as grease, toilet paper, feminine products and anything else that can’t properly degrade inside the tank.

For homeowners who have a pretty good idea of what’s going into their systems, we recommend pumping out your tank every three years. For business owners and landlords, who usually aren’t able to keep a close watch on how their septic systems are being used, we recommend a yearly pump-out, because you never know what could go down the drains at any time.

Lift Station Inspection

Some septic systems have a lift station and require this next step, which is simply testing your GFI where your plugs from your pump and alarm are connected. It’s a simple job, but it’s very important for the efficient operation of your system.

septic tank inspection in Dover FLIf you lose power, even for a moment, it may trip the GFI. This trip won’t cause an immediate backup – some people have gone weeks before noticing a tripped GFI – but without the power going to the pump to push the liquids into the drain field, you’ll very likely experience backups in the house at one point.

This step should be the most frequently checked (once a week) on your Septic To Do List.

Maintaining Your Septic Right

To accomplish some of the steps on your Septic To Do List, you need a good partner. Quality Septic Inc. is that partner. Since 1994, we’re the fast, friendly professionals who have been providing expert septic system service, repairs, inspections and maintenance to our customers in Plant City FL, Brandon FL, Tampa Bay FL, Lutz FL, and Land O’ Lakes FL. Often imitated, never duplicated! Reach us today at (813) 754-9891.