Septic Tank Service

Your Septic tank is the stomach of your system, taking in liquids and solids and then dispersing the liquids. Even though it’s a simple construction, there’s a lot more going on inside a septic tank than meets the eye.

Septic Tank Design & Key Components

Septic tanks are highly effective systems that haven’t changed much in the past decades. One very good change to the system has been the addition of filters.

Septic Services in Plant City FL

Older septic tanks typically don’t have filters, which cut down the amount of solids entering the drain field and by doing so save the homeowner a lot of money on costly repairs. Filters are easy to install, so even if you have an older tank, it may contain a filter that someone has put in along the way.

Septic tanks built since 2000 almost always come with a baffle, another simple but great innovation that can save you thousands of dollars in repair work. A baffle prevents solids from running through your system, making essentially a two-stage safety net.

Your Tank is its own Ecosystem

A septic tank is an efficient, self-contained ecosystem for bacteria that thrive throughout your septic system. Trillions upon trillions of these organisms devour the solids you send down the hatch and secrete a sludge that builds up over time.

The bacterial organisms aren’t invulnerable, however, as they are extremely sensitive to various types of chemicals that may be introduced to the system – most notably bleach, disinfectants, drain cleaners, fabric softeners and water softeners. These products have caused serious damage to septic systems throughout Florida, resulting in lifestyle disruption and a lot of money spent on repairs.

Even though there’s a symbiotic relationship with these organisms that break down solids in your septic system, their secretions can cause a lot of damage.
This, paired with the two stages of protection mentioned above, is why we recommend a maintenance pump-out of your septic tank every three years to prevent the sludge from raising up too much off the floor of the tank.

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