There are many benefits of having your grease trap regularly maintained.

Grease Traps in Brandon, Florida

Grease traps are an extremely affective way to separate some of the more slimy and oily materials from waste water that is leaving your facility. By collecting these materials separately, it allows your pipes to remain clear from large build ups of grease that may otherwise be flushed down them. The biggest issue with grease in your pipes is that once it cools it become thick and solid. Over time that will clog the pipes and lead to major issues. However, a grease trap will keep it contained, and is an easy way to avoid these problems.

If you want your grease trap to work correctly, you need to make sure you’re having it maintained regularly. Although, it does a great job of keeping your pipes clear, it will not always work seamlessly if you don’t have it cleaned out. Once grease has solidified it will eventually fill the grease trap or cause blockages. We recommend that you have it cleaned professionally. We will carefully inspect the grease trap while we’re providing maintenance, so that we can identify if it is working the way that it should. If we find anything we’re concerned about, we’ll discuss it with you.

We are well-trained and know how to properly install, clean, and repair grease traps. If you are in Brandon, Florida and need someone to look at your grease trap or provide maintenance for it, give us a call. At Quality Septic Inc., we are here to help you keep everything running smoothly by providing the services that you need.




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