Septic System Repair In Lakeland FL

Since 1994, Quality Septic of Lakeland has been the respected leader in septic repair services throughout the entire Lakeland, FL, area. We provide emergency and routine septic repairs, including:

  • expert septic repair in Lakeland FLSeptic tank repair
  • Drain field repair
  • Lift station pump repair
  • Drain pipe repair
  • Grease trap repair

Our company is fully insured and run by a Florida state-licensed septic contractor. We know your system inside and out, and we know how to keep it running as it should.

Septic System Basics

Septic systems are fairly simple designs. Waste from sinks and toilets runs through a series of pipes into the septic tank, where liquids and solids are separated. The liquid moves on to the drain field, which processes it and releases it into adjacent soil and groundwater.

Trouble arises when any part of the system becomes damaged, clogged or otherwise compromised. That’s when our Lakeland septic system repair experts get to work.

5 Signs Your Lakeland Septic System Needs Attention

You don’t have to be a trained septic system professional to be able to spot signs that there’s something wrong with your septic tank or other part of the system. Here are five common signs to watch for.

  1. Lush green grass growing over the tank
  2. Soggy or sunken areas of ground near the tank
  3. Strong sewage odors indoors or outdoors
  4. Slow sink and tub drains
  5. Sluggish toilets that won’t clear or keep backing up

new drain field in Lakeland FLIf you notice any of these signs, call us immediately. We’ll inspect the system and get to work making the right repairs.

Septic Tank & Septic System Inspections

When there’s trouble with a septic tank, the first step of the solution is a thorough inspection. Our experienced technicians know how to spot obvious and hidden problems. They’ll determine the cause of the problems and how much, if any, collateral damage has occurred.

Inspections are critical when you’re dealing with an emergency situation. They’re also important as part of a sound maintenance program to keep your system’s parts and components running safely and correctly. We recommend annual septic inspections for our Lakeland customers.

Complete Septic System Services

Along with septic repairs for tanks, drain fields and lift stations, Quality Septic of Lakeland also provides:

septic system repair in Lakeland FLCall Today for Septic Repair in Lakeland FL

A well-built and properly installed septic system will serve you well for many years. However, time takes its toll, and eventually you’ll need to have parts of your system repaired. This is when you need a team that puts your interests first and has the skill and training to do septic repairs right the first time.

The repair technicians at Quality Septic pride themselves on fast response times and a level of customer service that’s unmatched in our industry. Find out why we’re #1 for septic system repairs by calling (863) 563-1441. You can also get in touch with our handy contact form.

We serve the entire Lakeland FL, area along with Mulberry FL, Lakeland Highlands FL, Winston FL, Kathleen FL, Willow Oak FL, and more.

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