Drain Field Repair In Lakeland FL

The drain field in your Lakeland septic system is a critical component that sometimes needs repairs. Homeowners and business owners have trusted Quality Septic of Lakeland since 1994 to handle all drain field repairs and maintenance services. If you’re having trouble with your drain field, here’s some helpful information.

drain field replacement in Lakeland FLWhat Is a Drain Field?

A drain field lies adjacent to the septic tank and receives “clear” liquids from it. Sludge stays in the tank, and the liquids go to the drain field, where they’re treated to remove harmful impurities and then released into nearby soil and groundwater.

When wastewater can’t get to or move through the drain field, serious problems can result. Here are five of them.

Signs of Damage to Your Lakeland Drain Field

  1. Swampy patches of ground above or near the drain field
  2. Lush grass growing around the field
  3. Strong sewage odors inside and outside your home
  4. Slow or backed-up sink and tub drains
  5. Toilets that back up or don’t flush completely

If you notice any of these signs, call Quality Septic of Lakeland for speedy drain field repair.

Causes of Drain Field Damage

In our decades of experience with drain fields in the Lakeland, FL, region, we’ve identified several primary ways that drain fields become damaged and need either repair or replacement.

drain field repair in Lakeland FL

Heavy stuff on top:

Vehicles and heavy equipment can damage a drain field when driven over it or placed on top of it. You should mark off your drain field or remember exactly where it lies in order to avoid soil compaction. (Do the same with your septic tank.)

Invading tree roots:

Tree roots can destroy piping and upset the balance within a drain field. Drain field repair may be able to resolve this type of damage. In extreme cases, a new drain field will be required. In all cases, local tree roots will have to be dealt with to keep the problem from happening again.

Issues with the septic tank:

When a tank is allowed to go without regular pumping, it can end up causing problems with the drain field. Only liquids should move from the tank into the drain field – never sludgy compounds.

Decayed or compromised drain pipes:

The pipes that serve the drain field must be sound. If they’ve started to decay or are plugged up with grease from the septic tank, you may experience some of the signs listed above.

Lakeland Drain Field Inspections

The first step to any septic system repair project is a proper inspection. Quality Septic of Lakeland provides licensed drain field inspections by trained technicians who understand drain fields inside and out.

professional drain field repair in Lakeland FLYou should never let a septic provider begin repair work on your drain field without performing a thorough inspection. Inspections tell us exactly where the damage is located, why it happened and how much, if any, related damage is present.

Get Your Drain Field Working Right

Our crew prides itself on fast response times and unmatched customer service and workmanship. If you’re having problems with your drain field, call us first for the right drain field repairs in compliance with all Florida septic system regulations.

Reach a drain field expert today at (863) 563-1441 or get in touch with our handy contact form. We serve the entire Lakeland FL, area along with Mulberry FL, Lakeland Highlands FL, Winston FL, Kathleen FL, Willow Oak FL, and more.

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