Drain Field Repair in Land O’ Lakes FL

If you’re having trouble with the drain field connected to the septic system at your Lutz FL, Land O’ Lakes home, the first step in resolving the problem is an inspection. Many drain field issues can be repaired without having to go to the expense of having a whole new field built.

Quality Septic Inc. has helped Land O’ Lakes & Lutz homeowners for more than 25 years with expert drain field repair and complete septic system service. Here’s how we can help you.

drain field inspection in Land O Lakes FLWhat Is a Drain Field?

A drain field is an area adjacent to a septic tank that receives clear, filtered liquids from the tank. The liquids flow through the drain field and harmful impurities are removed, making the liquids safe to enter the groundwater.

Drain Field Problems We Solve In Land O’ Lakes & Lutz FL

Various things can cause your drain field to not function as intended. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your septic system and drain field and make needed repairs to get your system running correctly again.

Five signs that you may have a problem with your drain field include:

1. Slow drains throughout the house

If one or two drains are slow, the problem may be clogs, tree root infiltration or some other trouble. If all the drains in the house are slow (or not draining at all), likely the problem lies in the drain field or septic tank.

drain field replacement in Land O' Lakes FL2. Beautiful lawn – but only over the drain field

When the grass is greener over the drain field, it probably means that the wastewater isn’t being filtered correctly in the field before it enters the adjacent soil. This is good for the grass, but it isn’t the ideal way to have a green lawn and needs to be looked into.

3. Swampy patches of grass/soil

When a drain field malfunctions – such as when it becomes clogged with fats, oils and grease – often the first sign is wet ground that stays wet. If it has just rained, as it often does in Lutz & Land O’ Lakes, give the water sufficient time to dissipate. If it doesn’t, call us.

4. Offensive odors indoors or outdoors

Bad smells often are the first clue that something is amiss with a drain field or septic tank. Don’t ignore these odors.

5. Sunken ground

If you ever notice that the ground on top of your drain field is sinking, you need to take action quickly. Sinking can be caused by a collapse somewhere within the field and must be addressed to keep the problem from worsening.

drain field repair in Lutz FLDrain Field Repair & Inspection Land O’ Lakes FL, Lutz FL

As you can see, various things can go wrong with a drain field and septic system, but fortunately, the Quality Septic crew can handle all of them. We provide regular drain field inspections to ensure everything is working as it should but don’t want for your regular inspection if you notice any of the problems we outlined here.

Not all drain field issues can be repaired, but most can. If you need a drain field installation we have the experience and equipment necessary to do the job right the first time.

For all drain field and septic system concerns at your Land O’ Lakes, Lutz home, call the local experts at (813) 754-9891. We serve customers throughout Land O’ Lakes FL as well as Odessa FL, Wesley Chapel FL, Pebble Creek FL, Lutz FL, and Cheval FL.