Drain Field Installation in Tampa FL

If built right and maintained properly, the drain field at your Tampa Bay home will serve you well for many years. But at one point, things may no longer work as they should, and your drain field may begin to fail.

Quality Septic of Tampa provides drain field installation along with expert drain field inspections and repairs. We’ve been working with these important septic system components since 1994, and we know how to solve the problems you’re having.

drain field installation professionals, tampa flThe Purpose of a Drain Field

A drain field lies adjacent to a septic tank and receives from the tank “clear” liquids for processing. In the drain field, impurities and contaminants are removed, then the water is sent into neighboring soil or groundwater.

How the Drain Field at Your Tampa Home Can Be Damaged

Drain fields are sturdy, but they’re not indestructible. There are several ways they can be damaged or begin to operate inefficiently, including the following:

  • Heavy vehicles have driven over or parked on the drain field
  • Excess fats and grease have clogged the drain field and are hindering the flow of liquids
  • Invading roots from nearby trees have caused damage to parts of the field
  • The drain field was not built correctly
  • Old age has finally caught up with the drain field

we repair drain fields, tampa flSigns that Point to a Drain Field Problem

Here are four of the most common signs we see at our Tampa, FL, customers’ homes that indicate a problem with the drain field. These signs don’t necessarily mean that a new drain field installation is in order, but they do mean that your system needs to be checked out.

Slow drains throughout the home

A single slow drain probably points to an issue only with that drain; if all drains are running slowly, there may be a septic system problem.


Wet ground

Soggy ground above or around the drain field also indicates a leak somewhere in the field.

Awful odors

With a failing drain field, you may detect strong sewage odors inside or outside your Tampa home.

Lush grass

If the best-looking grass in your yard is over the drain field, there may be a leak.

drain field installation & repair experts, tampa flDrain Field Installation vs. Drain Field Repair

When working on any drain field issue in the Tampa, FL, area, we start with an inspection. In some cases, we’ll recommend a complete drain field installation to replace the old field. In other cases, we’ll be able to fix the problem with the existing drain field and get everything working.

Note that no matter what septic contactor you’re working with, neither drain field installation nor drain field repair should begin without a thorough inspection beforehand.

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