Drain Field Repair in Tampa FL

If the drain field connected to your Tampa Bay septic system isn’t performing efficiently and is causing you problems, the experts at Quality Septic of Tampa are ready to get to work. We offer complete drain field inspection and repair throughout the greater Tampa, FL, region. We’ve been providing the right solutions to our customers since 1994.

drain field repair professionals, tampa flDrain Fields 101

The drain field sits adjacent to the septic tank and receives filtered liquids from the tank. While in the drain field, the liquids are processed and harmful contaminants are removed. Finally, the liquid is sent into the soil and area groundwater.

Common Tampa Bay Drain Field Issues

A properly installed drain field will serve you well for many years. However, as more years pass, things can begin to go wrong. Aside from old age & normal wear and tear, a drain field can suffer damage if heavy vehicles or equipment are driven or parked on the ground above it.

You can’t see your drain field, but if there’s a problem with it, you’ll notice some or all four of most common signs of drain field malfunction below.

Strong sewage odors

You may start smelling horrible odors inside or outside your Tampa home. This means the septic system is backing up. Damaged drain fields are common causes of this.

Sinks, tubs and toilets backing up

If a single sink drain or single toilet is backing up, the problem likely centers on that individual component. If all the drains in your home are slow or backing up, an issue with the drain field may be the cause.

soggy drain field repairs, tampa flDamp areas of soil near the drain field

If patches of grass or ground above or near the drain field are wet and soggy, this tells you that the drain field needs to be looked at. We get a lot of rain in the Tampa area, so make sure the dampness isn’t just from a normal downpour.

Gorgeous grass growing over the drain field

If the grass above your drain field is lush and green while other grass on your property is just so-so, there may be a leak in the drain field.


If you spot these signs, drain field repair may be needed. But first, we’ll need to perform an inspection.

Drain Field Inspection

When you’re having issues with the drain field at your Tampa Bay, FL, home, the first step is to have the drain field inspected.

The Quality Septic crew understands how drain fields work, and we know where to look to determine exactly what’s causing the problem. Once we understand what’s going on, we can get to work to fix it.

Note: You should only hire professional septic technicians for drain field inspections and drain field repairs. Hiring an amateur or a “handyman” could end up costing you a lot of money down the line for repairs.

drain field service experts, tampa flCall the Tampa Drain Field Repair Experts

When your drain field is acting up, the experts at Quality Septic are here to provide quick service and correct solutions.

We offer drain field repair and construction, septic tank pumping, septic system inspections and all other septic services.

Our work area includes all of Tampa Bay as well as Greater Carrollwood, Lake Magdalene, Egypt Lake-Leto, East Lake-Orient Park, Pal River-Clair Mel, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Odessa, Lake Fern, Greater Northdale, Mango, Seffner, Valrico, Brandon, Thonotasassa, Temple Terrace, Plant City and more.

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