Your septic system is an important investment, and as a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to maintain this investment. Proper maintenance means using your system correctly and scheduling services as needed from a reputable septic services provider. These are the very best ways to protect your investment. Quality Septic Inc. of Plant City, FL, would like to share some helpful tips to prevent the types of problems that could lead to a septic tank replacement.

Qualified Septic Tank Technicians in Land O'Lakes, FLMaintenance by qualified technicians

Your septic tank and the entire septic system should be inspected by a professional every three to five years. This will alert you to early signs of problems so you can get them fixed before they become major. At the time of the inspection, a septic tank pump out may be required. Depending on your household’s use of the drains that feed the tank, more frequent or less frequent cleaning may be needed. A faulty system that doesn’t receive professional care can cause you a lot of trouble, including:

  • Sewage backups in your sinks and tubs
  • Toilets that back up or won’t flush completely
  • Offensive odors inside and outside your home
  • Waste permeating the ground outside, leaving unsanitary, soggy patches
  • Contaminated groundwater, which could also be a source of drinking water

Doing your part to prevent an early replacement of your septic tank

Preventing septic system problems is a two-sided job: one side is done by the septic company; the other side is done by you. When both sides of the job are performed correctly, your septic tank and overall septic system will give you effective, long-term treatment of your household wastewater. If both sides of the job are not done right or neglected, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on a septic tank replacement, not to mention more money on repair work leading up to the replacement.

Septic Tank Repair Technician in Plant City FL11 tips on the proper use of your septic tank and septic system

Learn and follow these tips to give your septic system the longest possible life and avoid the hassle and expense of installing a new septic tank.

  1. Only use as much water as you need when you fill the bathtub.
  2. While brushing your teeth or shaving, turn the faucets off.
  3. Run the clothes washer and dishwasher only when they are full.
  4. Do not flush diapers, cat litter and other trash down the toilet.
  5. When not in use, ensure all faucets are properly turned off.
  6. Have aerators installed in all kitchen and bathroom faucets.
  7. Have your plumbing system maintained to eliminate leaks.
  8. Replace old clothes washers, dishwashers and toilets with high-efficiency models.
  9. Never dispose of chemicals down toilets or sinks.
  10. Avoid parking or driving on your drain field.
  11. Plant only grass near or over the drain field. Roots from shrubs or trees can clog and damage the drain field and ultimately lead to septic tank replacement.

Call your Florida septic experts today

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