If you’ve been told that your home needs a septic system replacement, chances are you’re envisioning a nightmarish endeavor that will obliterate your beloved landscaping and completely disrupt your life. While a system replacement is no small task, it doesn’t have to be a disruptive nightmare.

Quality Septic Inc. has been installing top-line septic systems and completing septic system repairs for our customers since 1994. We know what the work entails, and we know how to do it efficiently and in a way that’s minimally stressful for you. The first step to stress-reduction with a septic install is knowledge.

New Septic System Installation in Odessa, FLYour septic provider will explain the process

When you work with an experienced, credible septic contractor, they will explain the installation process before any work begins. Customer-oriented septic installers want you to be comfortable with what’s taking place in your yard, and comfort begins with understanding.

Surveying your property

The septic technician (or team) will evaluate your property, whether you’re doing a first-time install or a system replacement. The tech will want to determine several things:

  • The ideal area in which to set the tank and build the drain field
  • The quality of the soil in which these components will be placed
  • The grade of the land, which will tell the tech if modifications will be needed to force waste materials to move uphill
  • Whether a standard septic system is appropriate or if an engineered system is required

Your septic provider will go over all this with you.

Permits and particulars

The next step is securing the appropriate permits for the job. Your septic company should handle this for you. As the time for installation nears, the crew may erect temporary safety fencing around the work area to protect children, pets and others from harm.

Septic System Replacement Experts in Brandon FL

Removing the existing septic system

When work begins, the first step is to remove the old septic system. This might include the tank, the drain field or both, depending on what your project calls for. After removal, these materials will be hauled off your property. Once the area is clear, the new system can be installed. Heavy equipment will be needed for this phase, so don’t be alarmed if you hear the engines outside your home. A good septic professional will keep disruption and yard mess to a minimum.

Finally, the components of the new septic system will be properly connected to one another and to the drain system of your home. An experienced septic team will know how to complete this work in compliance with Florida state and local septic system regulations. After the system is in place and covered up, either the crew or your own landscaper will restore your lawn and any other areas affected by the installation work.

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