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septic cleaningProper septic cleaning and pumping will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.   The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to maintenance of your septic system is to believe that a quick fix or cover-up of a problem is an acceptable solution.  For example, pumping your septic tank more frequently is NOT a solution for fixing a clogged drain field. Even if you reach a problem level, the best solution is to have it fixed early and properly.  Repairing a clog and cleaning a drain field is much less expensive than replacing a drain field.

The proper cleaning and pumping of your septic tank is the most effective way to keep your system functioning at capacity for the long-term.  There is a science to maximizing your septic system function while minimizing the cost of maintenance.  Pumping the septic tank too frequently results in high costs for pumping, while forgetting to pump it frequently enough can result in system damage and high costs for repairs.

  • Get to know your septic system. Learn the cycle of your septic system to determine the frequency of your system checks.  If your septic system needs to be pumped every three years, then check your system annually.  This will ensure that you don’t miss the window for septic cleaning and pumping.
  • Budget for proper septic cleaning and care. If you have a budgeted plan for pumping and cleaning your septic system, then when the time comes for maintenance, the cost will not be an undue burden.  There is always somewhere else to spend your money, but make sure to set aside the proper funds to maintain your septic system.