Quality Septic Inc. gets a lot of questions from people about choosing the right drain field expert and why they should bring us in for the job.

drain field installation experts, tampa flWhen people ask me these questions, my first thought is to say, “Because we’re the best, most highly trained and most visible septic provider in the greater Plant City, FL, region.” But at one point, I realized I was looking at the question from the professional side and not the customer’s. With more thought, I’ve come up with some answers that speak directly to the needs and concerns of our customers.

Here are three key aspects of a good septic contractor to consider when choosing your septic and drain field expert.


There are a lot of failed septic systems and faulty septic projects out there. Knowing this often causes fear in people who need to have one of these systems installed. It makes people who have a septic tank and drain field worry a little about the future of their systems.

Ironically, it seems there are just as many septic “solutions” circulating as there are failed systems. Most of these “solutions” come from companies that don’t have enough “time in the ranks” to fully understand the situation.

Hiring an experienced team, such as the one at Quality Septic with more than 25 years in business, will help to ensure the job gets done right the first time.

Local presence, local knowledge

Septic system regulations vary from state to state. Florida, for example, has a very comprehensive outline of regulations and specifications for your septic system and drain field.

By seeking a local septic contractor with a long-term community presence, you’re not just supporting the local economy. You’re choosing a professional who has trained crews and performed work in compliance with regulations that apply in your area.

It’s not uncommon when demand is high in the septic industry for distant corporate providers and new companies to step in and attempt to take a piece of the action. Make sure you choose a professional who knows the industry, the local standards and your hometown area.


Of course, cost needs to be considered when you seek help with installation, maintenance and repairs of your drain field and other parts of your septic system.

You should only contract for an installation that you can afford. Beyond that, you want to be certain you’re getting a level of quality that matches the price. An unusually low price may come with inferior products and workmanship, so keep your eyes open.

At Quality Septic, we go over with you all the parts that will be used in your septic tank or drain field installation. You’ll know how the parts figure into the price. You’ll see from the start that our crew has your best interests in mind at every stage of the installation. To us, that is true value, and we hope it is to you, as well.

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When it’s time for experienced septic services you can count on, Quality Septic is here to help.

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