Proper drain field installation is a must-have in a Florida septic system. Whether you plan to self-install or hire an experienced pro for drain field installation, like our team at Quality Septic Inc. of Plant City, FL, you should understand a few key points about proper drain field installation.

drain field for septic system, lutz flWhat is a drain field?

A drain field is an extension of your septic tank. Waste from your home enters the tank, and then solids and liquids are separated. The liquids move through a series of pipes to the adjacent drain field, which filters liquids to make them safe to send into the surrounding ground.

Many elements are involved in a quality drain field installation. In this article, we’d like to talk about three of them and give you some information that will be good for you to know if and when you begin planning a drain field install at your Florida property.


The lines from the house to the septic tank must be connected properly. The same goes for the lines from the septic tank to the drain field. A critical thing to remember here is the air vents, which are necessary within any septic system and must be properly placed for high performance and low profile.

When connections are made improperly, the result can be leaks and backups within your system and home. When Quality Septic installs a drain field, we’re meticulous about connections and air vents, double-checking to make sure they’re secure.

Septic tank placement

We recommend that the entire septic system, except for service points and air vents, be installed underground. In this kind of installation, it’s critical that the tank be properly leveled and placed on an evenly packed base.

Our crew brings many years of experience to the process of septic tank placement. We’ve heard horror stories of misplaced tanks and the multiple problems and costs that inevitably follow. We will not allow this to happen with our septic tank or drain field installations.

expert drain field installer, land 'o lakes flLayout of the drain field

As to drain field installation, it comes down to location and proper levels. Drain pipes should be designed to sit fairly level. If they slope down and away from the entry pipe, too much water will flow to the end and create a soggy field.

Similarly, if the pipes slope up and toward the entry point, the beginning of the drain field could take the brunt of the flow. This could lead to a failed system if water flows back into the septic tank. Drain field pipe placement can be a big task, but it’s worth taking the time to do it right.

Call the Florida drain field installation experts

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