To understand the importance of proper maintenance of your drain field and septic tank, it is important for you to understand how your septic system works.

Quality Septic Inc. of Plant City, FL, would like to share a little information about septic systems and drain field. This way, you’ll be more confident in caring for and maintaining your existing system. If you’re planning a drain field or septic tank installation, this information will help as you move through the process.

Highly Skilled Septic Tank Experts, plant city flSeptic tank and drain field basics

The waste from all the drains in your home goes to the septic tank. Solids settle at the bottom of the tank while waste water exits the tank and continues into pipes. These pipes are designed for the release of the water into your drain field or leach field. The water is then treated.

Theoretically, it’s a pretty simple system. However, if it’s not set up correctly by professionals, all kinds of problems can happen down the line.

A properly designed septic tank will keep all sludge inside and allow only wastewater to continue to the drain field Liquids, never solids, should be all that moves out of the tank.

This process works quite well as long as one critical condition is met. Sludge must always be kept below the exit point level in the septic tank. For this reason, it’s very important that you check your septic tank’s fill level about once a year.

Then, every three to five years, you should schedule service to have your tank pumped out. The pumping schedule for your specific tank will be based on your usage patterns.

Drain field and septic system clogs

The reason why sludge cannot be permitted to move into the drain field is that it will quickly clog up the pipes and slow down the flow of water.

In extreme cases, sludge can literally dam up the entire drain field system and stop all water flow. This will allow all the contaminated waste to enter adjacent soil, which can turn into a critical situation if area groundwater becomes contaminated.

drain field professionals, lutz flHow to ensure that your drain field is in great shape

Experienced septic contractors will help keep your drain field running right by providing full system checks and repairs that are compliant with the Florida state requirements for septic tanks in your area.

Quality Septic is available for thorough drain field and septic system inspections, which should be performed on a regular basis. This way, you can be alerted to early signs of trouble and get the problems resolved before major damage occurs.


Our team has the equipment and training to fix any drain field problem and ensure that it and the entire septic system remain in great shape.

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