Having your septic tank properly cleaned and pumped can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repair costs over time. Good maintenance practices can also save you a lot of money.

When does a septic tank need to be pumped, and when does a tank not need to be pumped? These are important questions, and Quality Septic Inc. of Plant City, FL, will answer them for you here.

experienced septic system pumping, plant city flWhen to have your septic tank pumped out

The best time to have your tank pumped is before it becomes too full. If you wait until it overflows, you can experience sewage backups in your house drains, offensive odors inside and outside your home, soggy patches of sunken ground and more.

We always help our customers to determine the best schedule for preventative pumping to keep backups from happening. We recommend they write the date for pumping on a calendar or in a scheduler so they don’t forget it.

When to not have your septic tank pumped

There are people who have the idea that the solution to all their septic problems is a simple tank cleaning. This is only a solution if the problem stems from the level of water and waste in the tank.

Many other septic issues can arise that have nothing to do with the contents of the septic tank. Pipes can break, grease traps can clog, drain fields can be crushed by heavy objects – these and many other problems need specific actions to fix them. Pumping the tank is not one of those actions and will just cost you extra money.

Plan ahead for septic system maintenance

When you buy a home with a septic system or have a new system installed on your property, you should adjust your household budget to accommodate reasonable costs for maintaining and servicing the system.

Include cost of pumping according to schedule as well as periodic inspections and projected repair costs as your system ages. Your septic system is in some ways like the electricity that powers your home: you don’t think about it when all is well, but when it stops working, all becomes very not well. Therefore, think and plan ahead.

septic system pumping experts, lutz flThe value of septic system inspections and regular pumping

Septic inspections and pumping go hand in hand. Both need to be performed when required and both are critical to keeping your drains flowing smoothly. Saving you money on repairs that could have been avoided.

Both pumping and inspections should be scheduled based on your needs. The more use your septic system gets, the more frequently you should schedule these services. Systems that receive little use may be able to go much longer in between these services.

When you work with Quality Septic, we’ll share a wealth of information with you on maintaining and caring for your septic tank, drain field, lift station and other parts and components in your system. We want you to be familiar with your system. We want you to know how it works and what to look for that indicates it’s not working right.

Call Florida’s septic experts

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