A Newbie’s Guide to Septic Pumping

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A Newbie’s Guide to Septic PumpingIf you’ve never lived in a home with a septic system before, you may find it tricky to make the adjustment. In our experience here at Quality Septic Inc., many first-time septic system users feel nervous about their new maintenance responsibilities–unlike with a municipal sewer system, the responsibility to care for your system is yours alone, and it’s understandable to be a little worried about it. To help you make this transition as easily as possible, our team has put together a brief guide for newbie septic users. We’ll tell you what you need to know about septic pumping so that you can take proper care of this essential system.

Basically, your septic system works like this: waste flows into a tank, where solid waste sinks to the bottom, while liquid waste flows into the drain field for filtration and is ultimately released back into the ground. Bacteria in the tank break down the solids into a more liquid sludge, and this sludge stays inside the tank until it is removed via septic pumping. The majority of septic tanks are designed to only need pumping once a year, so you don’t have to keep up with frequent maintenance–in fact, our team can get you set up on an automatic schedule so that the process is even easier to manage. You should, however, give our team at Quality Septic Inc. a call if you experience backups or other issues, as these indicate that your system isn’t functioning properly.

We at Quality Septic Inc. hope that this article has been informative, and that it helped you get more comfortable with your new maintenance concerns. If you need a reliable team to take care of your septic pumping needs, just give us a call.