Your septic system includes a variety of parts and components. None is more critical than the lift station pump. Without a working pump, your septic tank would not drain, resulting in a host of serious issues.

lift station repair in Lutz FLQuality Septic of Plant City, FL, has been installing and repairing lift station pumps for more than 25 years. We’d like to share several things you need to know about what your lift station pump does for you and what can happen if the pump begins to fail.

The purpose of a lift station

Lift station pumps are designed to move wastewater or sewage out of your property. Specifically, the wastewater is moved from the bottom of the septic tank to the top area, thus allowing it to flow out of the space and on to the drain field.

How the pump works

A lift station pump is installed at the side of your septic tank. The pump will activate when it senses a high amount of wastewater. The consistent function of the pump is the only way to efficiently clear out the waste.

When a pump is working correctly, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your septic tank will always be ready to accommodate more drainage from your home.

How long should your lift station pump last?

This is a question we get a lot, because homeowners know that their lift stations are the “life blood” of their septic systems. Various factors can affect how many years of service you’ll get from your specific pump, but 15 to 25 years is a general estimate.

Are you having problems with your lift station?

Because they’re underground, lift station pumps aren’t something you can easily keep an eye on. And even if you could, it’s unlikely you would know what to look for to determine if the pump is failing and needs repair or replacement.

Regularly scheduled septic system inspections are the way to get around this. Your septic technician has the experience and training to be able to evaluate a lift station’s performance not only by how it looks but also by the symptoms you’re experiencing at your property.

lift station failure in Brandon FLCommon symptoms of a failing lift station

You may not be able to look at a lift station and tell if there’s anything wrong with it, but there are some symptoms of failure that you can’t miss. These include:

  • Slow sink and tub drains throughout your home: A single slow drain might point to a plumbing problem. All the drains running slowly point to a septic issue.
  • Backed-up toilets: Rule out the possibility of a backup caused by improper toilet use. If that’s not the cause, there may be a problem with the lift station or some other part of the septic system.
  • Foul smells indoors and outdoors: If you smell raw sewage inside or outside your home, your lift station may be the cause. Have it checked out.
  • Soggy patches in the yard: Septic tank overflows often make the grass and soil above the tank soggy. Watch for this.

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