The health of your septic system is important because it ensures that your septic tank and drain field as well as all the connected drains in your house continue to work efficiently.

Quality Septic Inc. of Plant City, FL, always explains to our customers the things they should avoid and positive steps they can take to keep their residential and commercial septic systems in good working order.

septic pumping in Tampa FLSix septic tips to help you keep your system healthy

1. Water usage

Minimizing the amount of water you use will help to maintain the health of your septic system. Tips include:

  • Set your washing machine to use the correct amount of water for your size of wash
  • Get in the habit of turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth and washing dishes
  • Keep your lawn looking good, but don’t over-water it (fortunately, Florida supplies us with plenty of good lawn water right out of the sky)

2. Septic tank pumping

One of the most common issues our team encounters is septic tanks that are over-full. Regular tank pumping is essential to prevent sewage backups, slow drains, awful smells and eventual possible damage to your septic system.

When we perform tank pumping, we help our customers develop the optimal service schedule so they never face the issues listed above.

3. Drain field protection

Your drain field, which is fed by your septic tank, doesn’t work well if it gets infiltrated by lots of excess outside water. One way to lessen the amount of water that penetrates the field is to direct all roof run-off and other water away from your drain field.

4. Reduce garbage disposal usage

Using your garbage disposal constantly will add lots of harmful solids to your septic tank. This can result in damage to your drain field. While garbage disposals serve a useful function, they’re not ideal for heavy use with a septic system.

5. Avoid adding chemicals to your septic system

Septic systems operate as well as they do because of the large amount of “good” bacteria in them. When household chemicals, medications and other toxic solutions get into the septic tank, it can cause a negative bacterial shift and lead to many problems down the line.

septic problems in Riverview FL6. Consult with us before using septic system additives

No matter what the label or advertising says, not all septic system additives are good for your system in the long run. When you work with us, we’ll outline what you can add and what you can’t add to your system.

A clean and efficient septic system

Following the tips we’ve listed above will help you extend the life and health of your entire septic system and keep it clean and efficient. If you find yourself having any problems or questions about your system, give Quality Septic a call. We’re happy to help you with the right solutions and speedy service.

Reach a septic professional today at (813) 798-0122, or get in touch through our contact form.