What You Need to Know About Drain Field Installation

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At Quality Septic Inc., we understand that you want to do what’s best for your home, but we also understand that undertaking a major improvement project can feel intimidating. For projects like drain field installation, you should definitely get started as soon as possible to avoid making any problems with the old one worse. To help you get over any trepidation you may be feeling, our team has put together this article to go over the key information you need to know about this process.

What You Need to Know About Drain Field Installation

  • Location. A key step in drain field installation is choosing the right location. Our team will survey your yard and consider a variety of factors to determine the best place to put the new drain field. These factors include things like the size of the drain field and the terrain and slope of your yard–all things that will affect where the field can be placed and how well it can do its job.
  • Soil Consistency. Another factor that you should know about when it comes to drain field installation is the consistency of the soil. The ideal soil for a drain field is coarse enough to allow water to flow through it easily, but fine enough to filter out the effluent. If the soil on your property is not well-suited for a drain field, our team will add other varieties of soil to bring it to the right consistency.
  • Access. Lastly, a third key part of drain field installation is making sure that the field is easy to access. Your drain field will need some regular maintenance to stay in good working order, and our team will make it as easy as possible to get to the pipes in order to maintain them.