Throughout our 25 years in the septic services business, Quality Septic Inc. has addressed and solved numerous septic system lift station problems for our customers in and around Plant City, FL.

Septic System Lift Station Installation, land o lakes flLift station overview

A properly built lift station assists in moving waste water from the septic tank to the drain field. Lift stations are installed when property gradients won’t allow waste water to travel in the correct direction – to the drain field, where it will be filtered and sent into the surrounding soil and ground water.

In a typical septic system, the drain field is located downhill from the septic tank, and the system uses gravity to make the waste flow where it needs to go.

When the terrain doesn’t allow for this arrangement and the drain field needs to be placed uphill of the tank, lift stations are used to pump the waste from the tank to the drain field above.

The Quality Septic team understands how lift stations work and the problems that occasionally arise with these systems. Below are three common lift station problems that require repair services by trained septic professionals. If you’re having issues with how your lift station is working, it’s likely for one of the three reasons mentioned below.

3 lift station issues you need to be aware of

Our crew is ready to help you solve any of these common lift station problems and get your system back into tip-top shape.

Detached Pump

One of the most common lift station problems is a Detached Pump. This occurs when the lift station has moved out of proper alignment with the other system components.

This often happens because of a change in the conditions around or above the lift station, leading to serious problems. Driving a vehicle or construction equipment in this area can result in a crack or shift and cause a leak.

If you suspect that your lift station is no longer attached correctly, give our team at Quality Septic a call to get a professional assessment.


Another problem we see fairly regularly with lift stations is leakage. This can happen when the pipes around the lift station’s pump become cracked, causing fluid to leak out. This can cause the tank to stop draining correctly and cause backups.

If you notice that any drains (including toilets, showers and sinks) in your home are moving slowly, backing up, or sewage odors, it could be a lift station issue. It also could be something else, so it needs to be checked out promptly.

Septic Lift Station Repair, tampa flFaulty pump

A third type of lift station problem is pump trouble. When the lift station’s pump fails, it can cause the lift station to stop functioning altogether. Meaning that the septic tank is also in for some major trouble.

Fortunately, we’re on call year-round to repair or replace lift station pumps and restore your septic to peak operating efficiency. Issues with pumps along with leakage and misalignment are things that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

The septic services you need

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