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Septic Pump-Outs

You need to schedule regular septic pump-outs to remove the many compounds that might get stuck in your septic tank and keep it from working properly. Generally, septic pump-outs involve several steps.

  • Sludge from the bottom part of the septic tank can be cleared out at the start. This includes the material that can potentially keep bacteria from breaking down the waste inside the tank.
  • Grease materials from soaps and kitchen items that might build up in the tank can be cleared out through septic pump-outs. This might require extra pressure and sometimes, these materials might have to be physically removed through an alternative process.
  • Synthetic materials, including items that may collect in a washing machine, will not break down all that easily. A pump-out will force these materials out.
  • Sometimes, people accidentally dispose of the wrong things in their drains. These include cigarette butts, cotton swabs, and various feminine products. Such items will not break down and will only clog up parts of the tank. The pump-out will clean out those items before they can build up further.

Clearing out your septic tank every year or two is a necessity when you consider the things that might collect in it. At Quality Septic Inc., we’d be happy to tell you more, so give us a call today!