Septic Tips: Dos and Don’ts of a Septic System

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The health of your septic system is important to maintain in order to keep your septic system and home functioning properly and healthily. There are things you should avoid doing and things that are helpful to do to keep your septic system working well. Below we have provided you with six septic tips to help you keep your system working how it should.

Septic Tips

Septic Tips

  • Water Usage – Minimizing the amount of water you use will help to maintain the health of your septic system. Try to only run full washes of clothes, turn the water off when brushing your teeth and washing dishes, and don’t overwater your lawn.
  • Pump – Have your septic tank pumped regularly. The more water your household uses, the more often it will need to be pumped.
  • Drain Field – Protect your drain field and septic system by directing all roof run-off and other water away from your drain field.
  • Garbage Disposal – Regularly using a garbage disposal adds harmful solids to your septic tank and can cause damage to your drain field.
  • Chemicals – Do not put chemicals or medications down your drains. Chemicals will change the good bacteria in your septic system.
  • Additives – Do not add any additives to your septic system without speaking to a professional first. Additives can clog your drain field.

These septic tips will help you to extend the life and health of your entire septic system. If you find yourself having any problems or questions about your septic system, give us a call at Quality Septic Inc. We are happy to help you in any way we can.