Septic systems can be found all over America in areas where municipal sewer systems aren’t available. A septic system installation is like building a miniature waste treatment plant that’s designed to serve your home or business.

Quality Septic Inc. of Plant City, FL, would like to share five tips on getting the most out of your septic system installation during the installation and in the future.

prepare for a septic tank installation in Brandon FL1. First, make sure it’s done legally and by the book

The state health department has numerous regulations on setbacks, separations, and sizing requirements, In addition to permits and site plans before work can even begin.

Your septic system installation contractor should be able to help with this. It’s a no-brainer if your chosen contractor can’t help you here that you should find another contractor before the work begins.

2. Notify neighbors

Just as with any type of construction on your property, you want to give your neighbors a heads-up about what will be happening. Your installation will involve some heavy machinery, which can take up road space and create noise when in use.

There’s no law that says you have to tell your neighbors about your septic installation, but common courtesy dictates that you should.

3. Work only with a qualified septic system installation expert

While using a septic system is a fairly simple task, installing one is not. If you hire an inexperienced, “fly-by-night” outfit to put in your system, you may end up with a lot of repair expenses and headaches down the line.

When seeking a contractor, look for:

  • Customer references that the contractor can supply
  • Complete licensing and insurance
  • Positive online reviews
  • A contractor who knows how to take care of necessary permitting
  • A contractor who can explain your septic system installation to you in terms that you understand

4. Make sure a soil test is performed

Before any installation work begins, it’s important to determine the best area to place the new septic system. Performing a soil test should be done with any estimate and can save THOUSANDS of dollars just by choosing the best placement for your system.

You want the soil surrounding your system to be able to percolate wastewater back into local groundwater. Not all soil types can do this. Your septic contractor should be able to handle the soil test.

5. Plan for a water shut-off

Some Septic System Installations will require the water to be shut off, but that’s not every job. Ask your contractor if this is necessary. Make sure you have plenty of fresh drinking water and water for various other needs on hand.

Also, you can’t be flushing toilets because the wastewater will have nowhere to go but into your construction site. Plan accordingly and know that this is a temporary issue that will go away as soon as the installation is completed.

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