The drain field is a key part of a septic system. Its job is to filter gray water received from the septic tank and then return it to the surrounding ground and groundwater.

drain field replacement in Lutz FLIf your drain field becomes damaged, your first call should be to a licensed septic professional who is experienced with drain field installation and repair. You also need this expertise when you’re preparing to put in a septic system for a new home or property.

Quality Septic Inc. of Plant City, FL, would like to share a few tips on getting the most from your drain field installation.

Work only with qualified drain field professionals

In the septic and drain field installation industry, you’re looking for several things when hiring a contractor:

  • Valid license for the area in which you live
  • Proof of full insurance coverage
  • Specific, verifiable experience in drain field installations
  • Willingness to provide references
  • A general positive reputation among your friends and associates

Drain Fields are simple, but have a lot of factors that can contribute to its failure, potentially costing you thousands over the lifetime of the drain field. This is why you dont choose the fly-by-night companies just looking to make a quick buck…

Keep a clean copy of your drain field installation plans

Your septic contractor will draw up detailed plans for the drain field installation. You want to make sure you keep a copy of those plans.
Just because it’s called a “drain field” doesn’t mean that all drain fields are exactly the same. Each project is unique, and having the plans handy will save a lot of time and headaches down the line if a different company needs to perform repairs or upgrades to your drain field.

Mark the area over the drain field

It’s easy to forget a drain field is there because you can’t see it. For this reason, it’s a smart idea to put some kind of visual marker (paving stones, little flags, etc.) in the yard around the drain field.

After a drain field installation, one of the biggest problems that can happen with the field is damage caused by heavy vehicles driving over it or parking on top of it. Planting trees with invading roots nearby is another activity that often leads to drain field damage.

The same goes for the ground above and around your septic tank. During your septic system or drain field installation, your contractor will make sure you know exactly what areas of your yard to keep heavy items and trees away from. Make note of this, and mark the areas off.

drain field install in Land O Lakes FLContact your Florida drain field installation experts

If it’s time to have a drain field added to your property, or if your current drain field needs an inspection and repair, Quality Septic is standing by to help. Since 1994, we’ve worked throughout the Plant City, FL, region. We’re fully licensed and insured.

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