You have had a new septic system installed, and it’s working great. This should be expected, if you used an experienced septic contractor to do the work. The next step for you is to do your part in keeping your septic system running great and problem-free.

Here are five expert tips from Quality Septic Inc., of Plant City, FL, to ensure a great septic experience.

Septic system inspection experts, brandon flTip #1: Remember to schedule inspections

When our crew installs a septic tank and other parts of a septic system, we recommend an appropriate schedule for inspections based on our customers’ expected drain-usage and other factors. Make sure to speak with your septic contractor about the best schedule for inspections.

A professional inspection by a trained septic technician is the best way to find out about early signs of trouble so it can be resolved quickly. A good inspection covers the septic tank, drain field, lift station (if you have one), grease trap & more.

Tip #2: Practice water-conservation

A good way to reduce the frequency of tank-pumping is to find creative ways to use less water inside your home. Examples include:

  • Cut 25% off your usual shower times
  • Purchase a water-saving shower head
  • Set your clothes washer’s water level according to load size, never using more water than necessary
  • Practice shutting off the faucets in between tasks rather than letting them run when you’re working at the sinks in your home
  • Consider investing in a quality dishwasher to avoid using lots of faucet water to wash multiple pieces of cookware and servingware

Tip #3: Keep grease and junk out of your drains

Keep grease and all types of fats and oils out of your sinks. These substances can clog your septic tank and disrupt the delicate biological balance within it. As to toilets, avoid flushing paper towels, sanitary napkins and anything else except bathroom tissue and waste.

professional septic tank pumping, tampa flTip #4: Have your tank pumped out regularly

As with inspections, if we installed your tank, we’ll help you determine how often it will need pumping (cleaning) in order to work safely and efficiently. Ensure you know when it’s time to have this service performed so you can avoid:

  • Slow or backed-up sinks, toilets and tubs
  • Bacteria contamination from sewage entering your home
  • Foul smells inside and outside your home
  • Soggy patches of ground above or near the septic system tank

Tip #5: Don’t park heavy vehicles over the septic tank

This includes vehicles and any kind of heavy equipment. It’s also good practice to not even drive over the tank. Septic tanks and drain fields are regularly damaged by heavy items on top of them.

Call Florida’s septic system maintenance professionals

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