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What is a Septic System?

plumbing_system_diagram1A septic tank uses natural processes to treat and dispose of the waste-water generated in your home. It typically consist of a septic tank and a drain field or soil absorption field. The septic tank provides the first step in treatment. As waste-water flows into the tank, the heavier solids settle to the bottom to from a sludge layer and the light solids, greases, and oils float to the top to form a scum layer. The liquid waste-water (effluent) from the tank flows into gravel-filled trenches in a typical drain field where it is distributed via perforated pipes and then treated by the natural soil system. The diagram above illustrates the components of a typical septic system.

Free Downloadable Septic Maintenance Records Form

free_septic_reportUsing our free downloadable septic maintenance form you can keep up with the records being performed on your septic system. It’s a good idea to maintain accurate records of all septic maintenance on your system. This can be a valuable asset for any potential new owners (should you ever decide to sell your home). We also recommend that you download our free grid and create a visual map of your system.

Septic Tanks: A Safe Way to Treat Waste Water

Septic pics 006A properly designed and installed septic system can be the safest, most economical way to treat your waste-water as long as it’s properly maintained. If you are like most homeowners, you probably never give much thought to what happens to what goes down your drain. But if you own a car and understand how important it is to do preventative maintenance (like changing your oil), then you can understand how maintaining your septic system can save you money and headaches “down the road.” For more information read the following articles, How a Septic System Works, Why and How to Maintain Your Septic System, and How to Keep Your Own Maintenance Record.

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  • On Friday 12/06/2013 I stepped outside to get the newspaper and notice my front yard was flooded. I heard a pipe spewing water. My first call was to Quality Septic. They came out immediately and fixed the pipe. The techs were polite, courteous, and very respectful which I greatly appreciated. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Quality Septic!
    - Faith D.
  • I had my septic system completely re-done by Quality Septic and must say the installation and performance from all the Quality Septic was excellent all times I was kept inform, about the progress. All employees ware very respectful and assumed responsibilities very professional. I give Quality Septic Company a Five Star performance.
    - Anthony V.
  • After 20 yrs, my septic system finally bit the dust. I frantically researched the internet for info and advice, contacted several local companies and what I found was that there is a lot of misinformation out there. There are those peddling snake oil. “Options” like aerators, filters, chemicals, partial repairs., which you are pretty much stuck with when the system fails. . . and it will. A properly designed system and Mother Nature is all you really need. Luckily I was blessed to find KEVIN with QUALITY SEPTIC. In business in  he area for over 20 years, the man knows his stuff. He spent a lot of time inspecting my system and educating me. He is honest and knowledgeable and among the legit contractors, had the best price. The crew was fast, friendly and did a fantastic job. Don’t waste your time and money. Call QUALITY first !
    - Kerry & Judy B

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