• Contact Us for Drain Field Problems

    Contact Us for Drain Field Problems

    Taking good care of your drain field is one of the best ways to keep your septic system in working condition. Contact us at Quality Septic Inc. in Brandon, Plant City, and Tampa, Florida if you have any drain field problems that need repair…

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  • Septic Tank Maintenance

    Septic Tank Maintenance

    Regularly maintaining your engineered septic system is necessary if you want it to function properly for many years — call us and let us help!

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  • Commitment to Excellence in Service

    Commitment to Excellence in Service

    Quality Septic is a septic company committed to professionalism and excellence. We are always here to answer your call with same day response available seven days a week…

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Welcome to Quality Septic, Inc.

When you are in need of septic maintenance and repair, look no further than Quality Septic Inc. in Tampa, Brandon, and Plant City, Florida. We are experts on septic maintenance and specialty repairs, including grease trap installation or pumping, elevated drain field installation, lift station maintenance or cleaning, engineered design systems, and HRS inspections.  Quality Septic Inc. has been in the business of serving Hillsborough, Polk and Pasco Counties for over 20 years and has built a reputation for fast, friendly, reliable service. We are open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  We are happy to work around your schedule. For an estimate, contact us today!

Septic systems require certain types of soil and water flow and have other limiting factors, as well. However, if your soil isn’t quite right, septic tank installation is not out of the question. Even if the conventional septic system won’t work, an engineered septic system is often a great choice.

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If your business is located in a place where a municipal sewer system is not available, commercial septic services is a great option.  Similar to a residential septic tank, a commercial septic tank is made of concrete, fiberglass, and plastic.

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Septic tanks are an important part of many residential properties. They treat and store waste from the home, preventing environmental damage. You probably don’t think much about residential septic services, and when tank is working properly, that’s ok.

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Commitment to Excellence

Quality Septic is a septic company committed to professionalism and excellence. We are always here to answer your call with same day response available seven days a week.

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What Is A Septic System?

A septic tank uses natural processes to treat and dispose of the waste-water generated in your home. It typically consist of a septic tank and a drain field or soil absorption field. The septic tank provides the first step in treatment.

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About Quality Septic Inc.

The septic cleaning and other septic services you receive shouldn’t cost you a fortune. At Quality Septic Inc. in Brandon, Plant City, and Tampa, Florida, our septic system services are reliable, affordable, and honest.

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At Quality Septic, we are a family owned and operated company that offers professional septic services to customers in Brandon, Plant City, and Tampa, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas. For more than 3 decades, we have been providing septic installation, maintenance, cleaning and pumping for residential and commercial properties.

family owned septic system pumping company

Our comprehensive list of septic services includes:

  • Elevated drain field installation
  • Grease trap installation and pumping
  • Drain field inspection
  • Engineered designed systems
  • HRS inspection
  • Septic tank installation
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Septic tank maintenance
  • Septic tank cleaning
  • And more

You’ll get same-day response when you call us with your septic problems, and we are available 7 days a week. We never perform unnecessary work or overcharge, and we always complete every job efficiently and quickly. In fact, our business tagline is Fast, Friendly, Reliable and Affordable.

Every one of our technicians is fully qualified to perform an all-encompassing range of projects for your home or business. No matter what your request is, we will respond with the highest level of professionalism, service and quality.

Make sure to keep records of what work has been performed on your septic system. Not only is it a good idea for you to have accurate records of all your septic services, but it can also prove to be a valuable asset for potential buyers, should you ever decide to sell your home. 

How can you distinguish between a clogged drain field, a septic tank that needs a pump out, and a blocked pipe? This question is important because it differentiates between an expensive replacement and a relatively low cost drain field repair. So, let’s summarize some issues that can cause drain field failure. 

  • drain field servicesFailure to schedule a septic tank pump out: This needs to be done on a regular basis. If not, grease and solids are discharged into the drain field, clogging the soil.
  • Soil clog at the biomat layer: This is the bacterial layer that forms around and below drain field trenches where wastewater or effluent is discharged. It plays a crucial role in the processing of pathogens and biological solids in the effluent. Without the biomat layer, a septic system cannot treat effluent adequately, resulting in contamination of nearby wells, streams, ponds etc.
  • Improper construction due to poor site selection: For example, pipe settlement on poorly-drained, rocky sites. Pipe settlement can also occur as a result of improper routing and trench grading, or extending piping without proper bedding.
  • Shortcuts by an excavator or constructing contractor: For example, failing to provide the proper quantity and type of gravel in the trenches.
  • Failure to install drain field trenches of the correct width, slope, length and depth – as specified by the septic system planner and designer.
  • Age:  Even a well-maintained system will eventually clog. When this happens, drain field repair may not be an option.
  • Failing to call a professional technician from Quality Septic as soon as a problem occurs: In many cases, prompt drain field repair can prevent potentially expensive disasters.

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your drain field, give us a call at Quality Septic, and we’ll send a drain field repair expert out to take a look right away.

residential septic systemsThe main components of septic products with a dissolving action are called surfactants. In septic systems, they cling onto soils and are digested by bacteria in the drain field. They break down into carbon dioxide, water and minerals – a process known as biodegradation.

A field study was conducted by the American Cleaning Institute where concentrations of main surfactants were measured in the soil under a residential septic system drain field. Results showed that, in a properly located and maintained system, no surfactant residues occurred in groundwater, indicating that these septic products are removed completely before they reach groundwater.

Other main ingredients in septic cleaning products are known as builders, the most common of which are inorganic compounds, including phosphate and carbonate compounds and aluminosilicates (zeolites). Builders settle in the tank and are disposed with the sludge, or they break down into minerals in the drain field, or the soil captures them below the drain field and they remain in the soil.

Hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate and sodium hypochlorite are all bleaches commonly used in septic products for cleaning. They react during the cleaning of hard surfaces or in wash water and convert to chloride, sodium and borate salts, which are minerals found in the environment. Other ingredients such antimicrobial agents, fluorescent whitening agents and fabric softening agents biodegrade and cling to solids in the soil and tank.

Warning: Be careful what you put down the drain. For instance, products that aren’t usually used with water, such as motor oil, gasoline, etc. should never be disposed into septic systems.

If you have any questions about septic products, please contact us at Quality Septic in Plant City, Brandon, and Tampa, Florida. 

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