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Did you know that as a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your septic system? This includes your drain field, septic tank, and plumbing system. If your septic system hasn’t been inspected or pumped out in the last three years, you should contact a professional immediately to perform necessary maintenance. While it’s important to inspect and maintain all aspects of the septic system, for today’s purposes, we are going to focus on prolonging the life of your drain field through proper upkeep.

Drain FieldTo address the initial question, “Who is responsible for maintaining my drain field?” – the homeowner is ultimately held accountable. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Working alongside a professional septic services company can be one of the most beneficial things you can do to protect your drain field. For example, Quality Septic Inc. has extensive expertise in maintaining, repairing, and replacing drain fields. In order to safeguard your drain field and extend its longevity, we perform a complete inspection of your system and make recommendations for the best course of action.

Maintenance Plan for Your Drain Field

Drain Field

1. Hire a Professional

As mentioned above, you’ll want to contact a professional septic services company like Quality Septic Inc. to ensure you don’t have any issues. At this time, you will also need to get your drain field on a preventative maintenance schedule. During your initial meeting, your service provider will set up important checkpoints such as a drain field inspection, a septic pumping, and any subsequent repairs that may be needed.

2. Shield Your Drain Field from Harm

Do not put trees, shrubs, or other foliage too close to your drain field or on top of it. The drain field pipes may become obstructed or damaged by the root systems. Additionally, do not let large vehicles or equipment park on top of or drive over your drain field. And last, avoid laying concrete, decks, pavers, or any other materials over your drain field or septic tank.

3. Follow an Inspection and Pumping Schedule

As mentioned above, you will need to work with a professional septic services company like Quality Septic Inc. to ensure you are following an adequate inspection and pumping schedule for your drain field and septic system. By choosing to not regularly have your drain field inspected and septic system pumped, you are putting your system at risk of failure. A failed septic system can cost you a lot of money, contaminate the environment, and affect the health of your family and neighbors.

4. Be Mindful of What You Flush and Pour Down the Drain

The active role of protecting your drain field starts with you and what you clear down your toilets and drains. Do not flush anything other than toilet paper and waste. In other words, don’t dispose of anything hazardous or harmful to your septic system. This can include a number of items, but the most common include baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, grease, chemicals, diapers, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, cat litter, and paper towels.

Drain Field

5. Watch Your Water

Excess water usage can cause extreme water flooding within and around the drain field. This can lead to backups and slow downs to plumbing and water treatment. Help conserve water by checking for and fixing leaky faucets, consolidating laundry, and only running your dishwasher when it’s full.

To conclude – when it comes to your septic system and drain field, the responsibility of keeping it in its best working condition lies with the homeowner. By utilizing the above as a checklist, you can ensure you are doing everything possible to extend the life of your system, all while keeping your family and neighbors healthy and safe. At Quality Septic Inc., a team of experts is standing by to help make septic and drain field maintenance a breeze. Call us today for more information!

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