Your septic tank receives wastewater from your home or business, filters it and then sends it to your drain field, where it’s processed and released into local soil and groundwater. It’s a very simple system – when everything’s working right. Quality Septic Inc. of Plant City, FL, gets a lot of questions about septic tanks. One of the most frequent is, “When should I consider a new septic tank installation?” Here’s some information that will be helpful if you’ve been asking the same question.

Expert Septic Tank Installation in Tampa FLSeptic Tank Repair vs. Septic Tank Installation

After a thorough inspection, your service provider should be able to tell whether or not your tank can be repaired. Depending on the type and extent of the damage, septic tanks can often be repaired. In cases of severe or widespread damage, it’s best to install a new tank. Your septic technician will go over all of this with you. If he or she won’t go over it and wants to just throw in a new tank as fast as possible, find another technician.

3 common reasons for a septic tank installation

The septic tank is one of the most critical components of your septic system. It’s important to know the condition of your tank and keep up with routine maintenance. But even with proper care, there will come a time when your septic tank can no longer do its job. Here are three of the most common reasons for installing a new tank.

1. Old age

While the age of your septic tank isn’t always the pivotal factor in deciding if you need a new one, age can certainly affect even the best of tanks. If your septic tank’s parts are beginning to show significant signs of wear and tear, a new septic tank may be a great option to prevent future problems and ongoing repair bills.

2. Major septic tank damage

Damage to a septic tank can come in all shapes and sizes. A severe crack in the tank, a broken filter system and other serious problems are usually best resolved with the installation of a new tank. A credible and experienced septic tank company will only recommend a new installation when repairs are either unfeasible or would be nothing more than a “Band-Aid” that wouldn’t correctly solve the problem.

3. Your usage patterns have changed

A third common reason for a new septic tank installation would be because your usage patterns have changed. Usually, this means there are more people living in your home or working at your business facility, and the tank can no longer handle the volume without the need for constant pumping.

New Septic Tanks in Brandon FLWatch for these signs of septic tank problems

  • Strong sewage odors inside and outside your home
  • Soggy grass or extra-lush grass growing above or near the septic tank
  • Multiple sink and tub drains all running slowly or backing up
  • Toilets that overflow or don’t flush efficiently

If you notice any of these signs, call Quality Septic to schedule an inspection of your septic tank.

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