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A grease trap is something you may or may not be familiar with, however, it’s one of the most important parts of a septic system that keeps it running efficiently.

Grease Trap

The grease trap in your septic system is in place to prevent potentially harmful substances like grease, oils, and fats from flowing into your drainage lines. As the grease prepares to travel to your septic system, a series of baffles collects the waste and contains it in a safe place. The collected scum floats on top of the water and remains in the trap until it is cleaned out.

A grease trap does require regular maintenance to keep it working properly. Just as you would pump a septic tank every three years, you should routinely have your grease trap pumped and cleaned. This is especially important for commercial businesses such as restaurants. Regular grease trap pumping is the best way to ensure that waste is adequately removed from indoor areas. This will help you avoid backups, clogs, and damage to the sewer system outside your building.

It’s important to have a trusted and professional septic services company perform your grease trap cleanings. If not, you could end up with a bigger bill and a headache of a problem. This is because the grease trap has to be skillfully disassembled and put back together for a cleaning. If the grease trap gets taken apart or reassembled incorrectly, you could end up having a hefty repair bill, or a replacement in the near future altogether.

You can do your part to prevent clogs and allow wastewater to flow as it should through your septic system. This will make room for more grease to be collected in the future.

grease trapIn order to keep your grease trap working in good condition, the following should be considered:

• Partner with a reputable septic company.
• Have your grease trap pumped and inspected regularly.
• Do not empty cooking grease, fats and oils down toilets or sinks. Have a metal container nearby and dispose of your excess grease there.
• Call a professional if you notice a backup or foul odor.

We understand that out-of-sight means out-of-mind, but don’t let a plumbing or septic calamity be the reason you begin thinking about your grease trap. If you have a septic system, it’s best to have a company like Quality Septic Inc. help you set up a maintenance plan so you don’t even have to think twice about how your grease trap is performing. Additionally, we can check your plumbing and drainage, as well as your garbage disposal and drains. We will take the guesswork out of the entire process, so you can focus on running your business or household.

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