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There are many factors involved in determining how often residential septic cleaning should be done. Although the rule of thumb is to schedule a pump out every three to five years, it could need it much sooner in some cases. Some of the factors are within your family’s control and others are not. Here are a few tips for extending the period of time between pump outs and keeping your septic system operating properly.

Even though most homes now have garbage disposals, they really are not a great idea if you have a septic system. This is not to say that you cannot use a garbage disposal at all, but a better idea is to set up a compost container in the backyard for as many of your table scraps as possible. Not only does this keep junk out of the septic system, but it provides for some nice compost for the flowers and plants in your yard.

Do not flush non-biodegradable items or things that take a long time to decompose. Examples would be feminine products, oil, grease, coffee grounds, and cat litter. Even items that are labeled as “safe” for septic systems should be limited whenever possible to reduce the time between residential septic cleaning services.

Do not use anti-bacterial soaps, as these not only kill bad bacteria, but can also kill the necessary bacteria that are in your septic system. A septic system works by having organisms that “eat” the solids do their job, and if these are killed off, the system will need cleaning a lot more often.

Getting on a schedule with residential septic cleaning services from us at Quality Septic Inc. will safeguard against a backup, as we will remind you when it is time to get the tank pumped out again. It is really easy to forget about it – for years even – with unfavorable results. Contact us today for more information!