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Septic systems are designed for places that do not have access to a sewer system. The amazing thing about septic systems is that they are built with different parts that perform different tasks to keep the system running smoothly. For example, the septic tank provides a place to hold waste. When the water and waste come from the home into the septic tank, the solid waste goes to the bottom and the water is moved on through the drain field. The drain field then provides filtration before the water is put back into the ground.

Septic systems require regular inspections and maintenance to make sure they are functioning properly.  Drain field inspection is especially important because if your drain field is not working properly, you’ll run into a host of problems.

Drain field inspection is where a professional will come and inspect your drain field to make sure it is functioning and that all the pipes are in good working condition.  If pipes are cracked, clogged, bent, or not working correctly, they can cause contaminated water to seep into the ground and contaminate your clean water supply. This can cause problems for both humans and any livestock that you have on the property because it will contaminate your water supply.  Regular drain field inspection and maintenance can eliminate the threat of problems and catch them before they make anyone sick.

Contact us today at Quality Septic Inc. to schedule your drain field inspection. We have over 25 years of experience with septic systems and we do quality work. We can help keep you safe by properly inspecting and maintaining your septic system.