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Septic Contractor in Lakeland, Florida

You want to have a septic system installed on your property, and you’ve chosen us at Quality Septic Inc. as your septic contractor. While we’ll secure necessary permits, plan the details for the day of install, and make sure we have the right equipment to do the work beforehand, there are a few things you should let us know before we do the work:

  1. Your water usage needs – How many people live in your household and your water usage needs greatly affect the size of septic tank you need. Please let us know these requirements before the day of the install, so we can help you select the right size septic tank.
  2. Whether you’ve used septic before – If you’ve used a septic system before, you probably already know how to properly maintain one of these systems. However, if you’re new to septic, let us know, so we can tell you more about how these systems work, what you need to do to maintain your new system, etc.
  3. Your budget – Septic tanks come with a variety of features at varying price points. As your septic contractor, we need to know how much you can or want to spend on the septic install, so we can introduce you to your options.

Your plans for the land – As a septic contractor, we’ve seen people landscape over their drain fields in many cases. Please let us know if you want to plant over your drain field, so we can give you guidelines for doing so properly.