Your septic system’s drain field is where wastewater from your home reaches its final destination. Here, the water will sit until it’s absorbed into the soil below. Your drain field is one of the most important parts of your septic system, so it’s important to watch out for signs something has gone wrong.

drain field problems in Seffner FL1. Puddles in yard

Keep an eye on any wet spots showing up in your yard. If puddles start popping up, this could indicate your drain field can no longer handle incoming wastewater.

2. Slow drains

Slow drains are obnoxious and also a sign that something’s up with your drain field. If your drains run slower than usual, this means your drain field is no longer taking in additional wastewater and it’s slowing down the disposal process.

3. The need to flush repeatedly

Do you have to flush multiple times to clear out your toilet? This could mean your drain field is starting to fail.

4. Sewage odor

When your yard starts to smell like sewage, your drain field could be struggling. These smells mean it’s probably a good idea to have a septic professional come in and take a look at your drain field.

5. Weird noises coming from your drains

Your drains shouldn’t gurgle when water goes through them. But if this does happen, you should get your drain field looked at right away.

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6. Increased plant growth

Weed growth or lush, green grass showing up on top of your drain field may mean the pipes below have malfunctioned. Increased plant growth indicates there’s excess water leaking from your drain field, leading to more moisture becoming available for plants.

7.   Slimy black substances

You definitely don’t want to step in something black and slimy in your yard, but this could happen if your drain field has stopped working right.