Septic problems are no fun. They’re unpleasant at best, expensive and complicated at worst. At Quality Septic Inc. of Plant City, FL, we know from experience the trouble that can be caused when your septic system isn’t working correctly. One area where septic problems often appear is the drain field, so in this article, we’ll go over three warning signs that you need drain field repair. This knowledge will allow you to spot potential problems early and prevent them from getting worse.

drain field services, lakeland flDrain fields 101

In simple terms, a drain field is an area adjacent to a septic tank that receives filtered waste water and then sends it into the surrounding ground. The septic tank’s job is to receive all plumbing waste from a home and deal with the solids. The drain field deals with what’s left over, which is the liquids.

Various things can go wrong and signal a need for drain field repair and inspection. Most drain field troubles point to particular clues for you to watch for. Here are three of the most common clues.

Bad smells

A strong, offensive odor in the air near your drain field is one of the first signs that you need drain field repair. If you catch whiffs of sewage whenever you step into your yard, you might have a drain field problem.

Calling us as soon as you start noticing the odors, we can get the problem solved in a timely manner.

Soggy ground

As noted, the drain field is the part of your system that allows water to flow back into the ground. This should be a gradual flow and should never make your yard soggy or create puddles.

If you notice that the area around your drain field feels squishy underfoot or that puddles have developed, you probably need drain field repair.

Lush grass

Related to the above sign, another thing that can indicate a need for drain field repair is unusually lush grass. If the grass above your drain field is noticeably greener than the grass elsewhere in your yard, it means that water and biomass are leaking out of your septic system and giving that patch of grass extra nutrition, signaling the need for repairs.

If you’re seeing exceptionally green grass in the drain field area, call us for a prompt inspection and evaluation of exactly what kind of drain field repair is needed to get your system back into top shape.

drain field inspection, lutz flDrain field inspections

Like all parts of a modern septic system, drain fields can be complicated. At least when it comes to repairing and servicing them. We encourage our customers to schedule periodic drain field inspections along with inspections of the septic system to prevent surprise repairs.

Only with a careful inspection can we understand exactly what’s happening with your drain field. Then we can make the right recommendations to have the problem resolved.

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