Septic Tank Pumping

SEPTIC PUMPING…the single most important procedure a Homeowner can do to maintain and prolong the life of their Drain field ….

Pumping out your septic tank on a regular basis is the best way to extend the life of a drain field. Every 3 years, a homeowner should have a licensed septic contractor pump out their septic tank. On average, a pump-out will cost anywhere between $295.00 to $395.00 depending on your tank size. This may sound expensive to some people, but here’s exactly why it cost that amount. The septic technician must come out to your home, probe or find your tank underground, dig up that area, remove the lid of the septic and pump out on average 1,000.00 gallons of water, grease, sludge, and waste from whatever goes down your toilets, showers, sinks and washing machines and any other drain in your home. At this time, the technician also can inspect your tank for cracks or see if there may be any other damage. They can also see if your drain field is in working order at this time because the outlet to the drain field is visible. If water is going back into the tank from the drain field outlet, this could show that your drain field is hydraulically overloaded or in failure. If not, your drain field should be in good shape! The technician then hoses down the tank with a water hose and will then put the lid back on and seal the seam with concrete to keep any dirt from falling into your tank. That’s a lot of work for the money the homeowner pays. The truck then will go to a state-designated station to empty out the pump truck. There, the contents of the truck will be treated and disposed of properly. Think of this comparison; to prolong the life of your car engine, which cost thousands to fix, an owner will have an oil change…same with your septic; an owner should have the tank pumped out, to prolong the life of their drain field which on average will cost $4,000.00 to replace.

Few tips on what NOT to put down your drain:

  1. Do not put cooking oils down your sink or bath oils down the drain of your tub…they will filter out to drain field and will clog it up…remember oil rises to the top of water.
  2. Do not use strong household cleaners in excess…bleach, degreasers ETC. they will kill the good bacteria in your tank.
  3. Do not flush feminine hygiene products down your toilet.
  4. And space out your water usage…for example do your wash throughout the week…not on just one day !!

Other Signs You Need Septic Tank Pumping Service

  1. Delayed Drainage – If the drains in your showers, tubs, toilets, and sinks are taking longer to drain, it could indicate it’s time to pump your tank.
  2. Foul Odors – When your septic tank becomes full, the gases in the tank start to emanate up through your drains, causing a foul odor. If you notice an odor, you can be confident it’s time to pump your septic system.
  3. Standing Water – If your septic tank is full, you will also start to notice standing water near or at the tank site, as well as throughout the drain field. Once this begins to occur, it is safe to say that you are overdue for septic service.
  4. Backups – If you do not address septic tank issues in a timely manner, you will eventually have sewage backups that can cause sewage to come back up through the drains of your residential or commercial property. Don’t let it get to this point before scheduling service, as sewage backups can lead to additional property damage.

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