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Lift Station Pumps

Lift station pumps are among the most important items that you can use along with your septic tank. There are several things about these pumps that must be explored, so you can see what makes them such a valuable addition.

The Main Goal

Lift station pumps are designed to move wastewater or sewage out of your property. Specifically, the water is moved from the bottom of a septic tank to the top area, thus allowing it to flow out of the space.

How Does This Work?

A pump will remain situated around the side of your tank. The pump will activate when it senses a high amount of wastewater in an area. The consistent function in the pump will clear out the waste effortlessly.

As the pump operates, the water will move through and outside of the tank. The design allows the water to move evenly and effortlessly, making it easier for the tank to stay clear.

Extended Use

You can find lift station pumps that will work on your property for years. In many cases, lift station pumps last anywhere from 15 to 25 years.

Contact us at Quality Septic Inc. if you’re interested in equipping your property with a lift station pump. We’d be happy to go over all of your options with you!