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When you have a septic system, you know that caring for it is an essential part of owning that particular property. While most people think of caring for the septic tank when they are taking care of their septic system, caring for your drain field is equally, if not more so, as important as caring for the septic tank.

Here at Quality Septic Inc., we have been working with septic systems for over 25 years and have seen our fair share of drain field problems and mishaps! Unfortunately, many of these drain field problems were avoidable. We would like to help you avoid these issues in the future by giving you a few tips on drain field problems and how to avoid them.

Problem: Crushed Drain Field Pipes

Solution: Avoid parking, building or planting on your drain field. Even though we warn of this constantly when installing and caring for drain fields, it seems like there is always someone who forgets this crucial piece of advice! Your drain field pipes are not meant to withstand heavy weights. Tree roots easily grow through the perforations and block or crush parts of the pipes. Your drain field should be an empty field with only grass growing.

Problem: Flooding Drain Field

Solution: More frequent pumping. A flooding drain field can have a few different causes, one of which is infrequent pumping. Make sure that you are pumping your septic tank before it gets too full to avoid an awful mess. Be sure to also space out your laundry days, since many loads at once will overwhelm your septic tank and cause flooding as well.

While these are only a couple of issues, they are ones we see on a frequent basis. Contact us today if you have drain field problems or would like to know more!